Beth not only engages children of all ages, but because she has such in depth knowledge of children’s development, she explains her reasoning for each activity and its benefits. My son absolutely loves attending her classes and I believe the main reason he loves singing and dancing at home is a result of attending Beth’s Kindermusik classes.


Cassie, Dec 2014

My son enjoys the class, he really responds to the program and Beth, our amazing teacher delivering the program.

Paige, March 2015

Kindermusik taps into my child’s imagination, the class encourages aural processing, sharing instruments, moving amongst peers, sharing space, learning about rhythm, volume, speed. The teacher Beth is encouraging, informative as to the educational processes used and fun. The kids are fully engaged in the class.

Clare, May 2016

Personally I think my son Joshua has learnt so much in the 4 weeks with Beth…. He now actually listens to songs and claps, nods, smiles etc if such action words are mentioned in songs. He sits to listen to his music CDs (whereas he used to listen to them as back ground music whilst playing). Joshua now likes to talk about the different songs to us and what they mean and what we can do to enjoy them.

Maleva, March 2011

Beth is an excellent teacher who engages the kids beautifully and responds warmly to their creativity and contributions. It’s been amazing to see how well my little one has taken to following the routine and participating in the songs and activities.

Fiona, Nov 2012

My child has really enjoyed the mix of activities in each lesson – singing, dancing, reading, listening. I think this, plus the focus on music around a theme (e.g. zoo train) makes the lessons interesting and helps children learn.

Allison, Jan 2011

Kindermusik is something that we really look forward to each week. After doing another music program, I really see the quality that goes into the Kindermusik program, we get so much more out of it. I am also thankful that Beth understands toddlers and their ways!

Alissa, Nov 2013

Beth is wonderful with the babies and we’ve had a lot of fun. She does a great job explaining how the multi-sensory activities aid child development. The music CD for the ‘Peekaboo, I love you’ course has been a highlight with a lovely range of different styles of music from around the world.

Caroline, Jan 2011

My two boys and I absolutely love Kindermusik by Beth! Beth is a fabulous teacher who really puts in 110% to ensure each child feels happy and confident in class. The at home materials are also great to continue their learning at home. I would absolutely recommend Kindermusik by Beth to anyone!

Jess, Nov 2014

Kindermusik by Beth is fabulous. It has given my son a real appreciation of music which has been wonderful to share in together as a family.

Melanie, Dec 2014