Teaching reviews

“The children enjoy the program and it assists in their learning and development in a fun way.” – May 2013

“I really like this program targeted towards babies – my little one watches what is going on, then applies the skills at home. It also gives me ideas on what to do when we’re at home together and he’s bored/tired/yelling just because – some singing and playing like we do in Kindermusik will always calm him down and give us something fun to do together.” – March 2013

Beth “is very observant and responsive to the kids, is enthusiastic and engaging and most of all fun to be with.” – February 2013

“Excellent teacher who engages the kids beautifully and responds warmly to their creativity and contributions. It’s been amazing to see how well my little one has taken to following the routine and participating in the songs and activities.” – November 2012

“Thanks again for a fabulous block of Kindermusik – my daughter and I really enjoyed it. We love listening to the cd for most car trips and the book has become a favourite too.” – December 2011

“My child has really enjoyed the mix of activities in each lesson – singing, dancing, reading, listening. I think this, plus the focus on music around a theme (e.g. zoo train) makes the lessons interesting and helps children learn.” – January 2011

“Beth is wonderful with the babies and we’ve had a lot of fun. She does a great job explaining how the multi-sensory activities aid child development. The music CD for the ‘Peekaboo, I love you’ course has been a highlight with a lovely range of different styles of music from around the world.” – January 2011

“Personally I think my son Joshua has learnt so much in the 4 weeks with Beth…. He now actually listens to songs and claps, nods, smiles etc if such action words are mentioned in songs. He sits to listen to his music CDs (whereas he used to listen to them as back ground music whilst playing). Joshua now likes to talk about the different songs to us and what they mean and what we can do to enjoy them.” – February 2010

“Beth had lots of energy and really catered to my child’s needs. She explained my child’s development to me in an easy to understand way.” – February 2010


One thought on “Teaching reviews

  1. Cassie says:

    Beth not only engages children of all ages, but because she has such in depth knowledge of childrens development, she explains her reasoning for each activity and its benefits. My son absolutely loves attending her classes and I believe the main reason he loves singing and dancing at home is a result of attending Beth’s Kindermusik classes.

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