For Big Kids: The Importance of Vocal Play

Through vocal play, children learn to form vowels and consonants, say words and phrases, and imitate rhythm and vocal inflection.  Vocal play using glissando (a glide from one pitch to another, up or down) also encourages the expressive qualities of your child’s speaking and singing voice as well as vocal range.

Have a listen to a child experimenting with glissando vocal play here.

Easy At-Home Activity for Vocal Play
Take it outside! Go to the park together and practise glissando. Go uuuuuuuup the steps and dooooooown the slide. This can work on an elevator, escalator, or even walking up and down a hill, too. Pairing the concept of high/low with a movement increases your child’s understanding.

Did you know that vocal play allows children to practice the precise coordination of lips, tongue, and breathing necessary to speak words? Read more about it here.



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