For Babies: Relax, Relax, Relax

Babies are learning machines! Your child’s most rapid period of growth and development occurs during the first two years of life. They are taking in new information all the time, through all of their senses, and this requires a lot of energy. As a result it’s important for these little learners to have quiet times, to just be aware without actively being stimulated by you or his/her environment.

Relaxation is a learned behaviour. So like anything, it needs to be practised. Music helps children, even babies, learn to relax. An added bonus is that children who know how to relax and self-soothe can be better sleepers. That’s an incentive to start practising relaxation from an early age if I ever heard one!

Quiet time for baby

Quiet rocking with your baby is a wonderful form of relaxation for both of you.

Read about some suggestions for how to help your baby practise relaxation.


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