Road trip this holidays? The car is a great place for music!

As the June/July school holidays approach for us in Australia, many of us look forward to the destination we have in mind, but not necessarily the journey with our young children! Road trips can be tricky. Let’s be honest…

The musical family car

Singing on the road…

Busy mum and music educator, Lisa Huisman Koops recently did a study to prove her theory that the family car, or family “taxi,” was indeed an excellent music space for fostering musical development and family togetherness. After all, the family car is one place where families are regularly together a lot! As parents, this information can help us on a road trip.

Read this recap of the study from Case Western music educator, Lisa Huisman Koops:
Family “taxi” may be the ideal place to develop child’s interest in music.

Be prepared – make a road trip playlist

For your next family holiday, be prepared by making yourself a playlist or two of your family’s favourite songs. Include a variety of styles, tempi (speeds), ones with lyrics and ones without. Don’t just include the kids’ favourites, make sure you include yours too! After all, the joy of music can only be shared if it is actually shared (i.e. not just listening to the Wiggles over and over again!) Have a look at some ideas for different music choices here.

As a special gift to you for this holidays, I’ve included a suggested playlist that you could use as part of your road trip, as well as 5 Free Song Downloads from Kindermusik. Go to and use the access code below to get your free downloads.

Road Trip Playlist

Your Kindermusik Road Trip Playlist

Have a great holiday!


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