For Toddlers: Go, go go!

New parents tend to invest in heaps of baby gear—a cot, a pram, a highchair, and, of course, what feels like a million nappies. Sometime around the one-year mark, though, parents realise that they need to invest in one more vital item: a good pair of shoes…for themselves. When you have a toddler, it sometimes feels like you’re never ever going to have the chance to sit down again. After all, toddlers love to be on the go and are constantly looking for ways to try out their developing gross-motor skills—walking, running, hopping, and even climbing stairs and furniture.

Flying around

Just keep going and never stop!

Put on some music and play the “I got moves like…” game. Name an animal and ask your toddler to move like that animal. Then, switch it up and name different ways to move: walk, hop, march, twirl, crawl, gallop, flap and more!

Support your toddler’s early literacy and gross-motor skill development with these books that get kids moving.


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