The importance of musical variety for your child

Through exposure to musical variety, the groundwork is laid in the form of new neural connections in the brain – making the brain better able to learn. The early years are the optimum time for exposure to a rich variety of musical instruments, timbres, tonalities, tempi, and rhythms. “Music education research indicates that children are more ‘open-eared’ when they are young; their music preferences are broad and amenable to extension. Children this age learn through exploration and are eager to investigate the various ways in which sounds are produced both vocally and with simple instruments. For them, the variations in timbre (or tone quality) and structure among music of different cultures are intriguing.”*

Have you thought of playing any of the following sorts of music for your child? Australian indigenous music, African-American folk songs, piano or orchestral music from the Romantic era, jazz, African folk music, Asian folk music… The list is never-ending! Kindermusik Home CDs have a variety of music from lots of different styles and cultures to help you with musical diversity in your home. If you are enrolled in Kindermusik classes, make sure you play your home CD every week to help expose your child to these different listening experiences. If you’re not – why don’t you come and try a class for free?

Here’s something towhet your appetite. Look for “Arirang Hill” – a piece in the style of southeast Asian music—music known for soothing, percussive, and complex sonorities often featuring a variety of gongs. For more information on music in this style, visit 

If you’d like to download “Arirang Hill” (or music from another style for that matter!) go to and browse by style. Happy listening!

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*Bringing the World of Music to Your Child” by Constance L. McKoy, Ph.D., Tune In June 2003.


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